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I love my world where the quality matters... According to the Italian Magazine „Just Married”, I am among the Top Wedding Photographers in the world in 2014 (details available here)! In 2015 I received the prestigious title of the „Wedding Photographer of the year 2015” from the Master Photographers International Organization (MPIO). I was so honored to receive the title of the "Photographer of the year" in "Creative Portrait" category of Master Photography Awards 2016/2017.

The Master Photography Awards 2016/2017 & Greg Moment: see here .

I was awarded in the category: „Trendsetters – The Most Beautiful Polish Wedding” by Bridelle. My images were listed among "Top 10 Images of the Year 2016" of Braut Foto Award in two categories and I was nominated for "The Overall Winner of the Braut Foto Award 2016" title. I received the second place in category: "Fashion" in La Grande Photo - International Photographic Awards 2015/2016. In 2014 I received „Diamond Award” for the image „The Bride in Tuscany” and „The Best Award – Photographer of The Year 2014” of the International Film and Photography Festival in Asia. I also won many other competitions for photographers organized by e.g. Coffee Heaven (1st place), Wedding Photographers Forum in the categories: Detail (1st place), Light (1st place), Portrait (2nd place), Detail (2nd place), Creative Portrait (2nd place).

Wedding photographer of the year 2015 - Greg Moment

Developing my style, I was recently awarded by SWPP (Gold Awards) and One Eyeland Organization (finalist in the category: Wedding). I received 8 silver awards in the first 1/2 WPPI 2015 Competition and at the same time I got promoted to „Associate of WPPI„. In 2015 I passed and earned my prestigious „Master Photographer in Wedding” distinction of Master Photographers International Organization MPIO. I was also among finalist of SIPA 2015 and my submissions have been shortlisted for the Final Round of Siena International Photo Awards 2015.

International  photographer of the year 2014 - Greg Moment

To me wedding photography and meeting couples is not a daily routine, it is a passion of mine. I am always trying not to limit myself to preparation of a wedding photo set and taking pictures for a wedding album. As a wedding photographer first and foremost I am trying to capture moments, emotions, joy and tears. From the bottom of my heart I know that I have chosen the most beautiful profession in the whole world.

Wedding photographer of the year 2015 MPIO - Greg Moment

My wedding reportages tell the story, the story of a married couple, home, guests, exceptional mood which can be felt only on that day, the wedding day. When I am preparing a wedding reportage I always try to choose photographs which are full of light, fairy-tale shadows and colours. Looking from a broad perspective I am not forgetting about tiny details such as wedding rings, earrings, trembling hands, hugs, glimpses. My wedding pictures are a way to show what is hidden in plain sight.

 Master photography awards 2016/17 - Greg Moment

You can read stories about my experience in photography here: http://www.moment.com.pl/category/blog

For several years as an Ambassador of „Dedolight” in Poland I have been supporting other wedding photographers and their development through comprehensive photography workshops. I have provided many workshops for photographers, working for "The School of image”, "European Academy of Photography” and "Nikon Academy”. Being also an Ambassador of Eizo, Wacom, Phase One, reporterStrap Phottix and a member of „Phottix Pro Team” I have an access to the best lighting equipment and screens.

International photographer of the year 2014 - Greg Moment

I am an author of many eBooks for wedding photographers. My last guidebook was called „Wedding Photographer Bible” and I’m currently working on the next revision. My photographs were published in many magazines for women such as: Wonderful Wedding, W like Wedding, Warsaw Wedding Guidebook, Photo, Our Wedding, Facts, Wedding Couple, Camerapixo, Photography MasterClass, Foto Digital and Dream Wedding Magazine.

As a wedding photographer I have worked literally throughout the whole world. Not including Poland, I’ve also worked in Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Slovakia, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Croatia, Romania, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Thailand, Mauritius, Mozambique, Macedonia, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and the Maldives.

I was truly honored to be hosted in „Good Morning TVN”, „Question for breakfast” and "Polsat Studio Weekend” TV programmes dedicated to the latest trends in the weeding photography.

I surely guarantee professional photographic equipment:

– Nikon professional digital camera d3s
– Nikon professional digital camera d3
– Lens 14-24mm f/2.8 Nikkor
– Lens 28mm f/1.8 Nikkor
– Lens 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor
– Lens 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor
– Lens 105mm macro f/2.8 Nikkor
– Nikon SB-900 flashes
– Phottix flashes
– Indra Phottix and IceLight
– iLight and Dedolight
– LED lights.

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…And after work

…I fly over my reality
… I run into my undefined space
… I stay silent absorbing what I see
… I breathe with every moment
… I jump into the power of emotions
… I roll myself towards the goodness
… I miss the past moment
… I look out for the first tear
… I swim in the river of overheard words
… I try to seek important things with passion
… I make time stand still
… I feel safe
… I discover great sources of love
… I love the power of freezing someone’s life.

Greg Moment, Grzegorz Płaczek