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My wedding photography has been providing great satisfaction to me for many years, especially when I am receiving words of appreciation from the couples and photographers that attended my workshops. Whenever I am thinking about my past experience whether it is „wedding photography Kraków” or „wedding photography Warszawa”, I am always thrilled with good emotions and precious memories. I feel deeply satisfied when readers of my eBooks are sending complements and kind opinions to me. Photographer is a very special role – we cannot expect promotion and words of praise from a boss. The only thing you can expect is gratitude and kind words from your clients. So how do people see my wedding photography? What my couples and my readers think about my work?

Opinions of other photographers that attended my wedding photography workshops can be found on workshop forum.

The long list of comments from the couples and opinions about my newest photos are available on my FanPage. Please read below some of the reviews I received:

„Thanks to You Grzegorz our pictures are a story that we can constantly return to and experience it again and again with the same emotions. Through their unique style they provide us lot of joy and emotions in every detail. We are stunned! Our humble, sincere and huge Thank You !
Karolina i Jacek”

Grettings for photographer - Greg Moment

….I’m always pleased with the fact, that my thoughts like: „wedding photos Kraków” or „wedding photos Warsaw” integrating communities of photographers and let all of us find joy in our profession.

Pictures from ceremony and venue are marvelous.They literally took our breaths away. They are so fantastic that we couldn?t believe they?re real. We can?t stop to admire them. They are most beautiful keepsake of Our special day. Grzegorz captivate us with his sense of humor, customer approach and discrete behavior during ceremony. We can honestly recommend Grzegorz for all those who expect spectacular effect, professional keepsake and high-end customer service!
Pictures from ceremony and session are superb, definitely nonconventional. Exactly as we want in a first place. Thank You ! Best regards,
Pictures are beautifull! We can?t get enough of them :) Thank You Grzegorz!
We finally got the pictures! My Mum kept them a while for herself. But eventually I made to get to Poland for them. We are absolutely blown away ? we can?t find proper words to describe how beautiful they are. Grzegorz, you are an artist! Thank You so much !
Pictures are wonderful. Emotions present in our hearts during that special Day, literally wants? to jump from the screen every time we watch this lovely slideshow! Your work is really amazing. You are lucky with your marvelous gift from God. We wish you that you?ll never loose this sensibility, which made your pictures so beautiful and full of emotions. Thank You,
We would like to Thank You Very Much for brilliant pictures ? everyone is truly beautiful and has outstanding quality. Everyone can clearly see that Your work is full of passion. We are grateful that You participated in such important day for Us, and that you perpetuated it in such a wonderful way. Thank You very much once again and all the best.
Every time when I watch slideshow I cry. It?s a beautiful keepsake, one in its kind. You?ve captured moments We were totally unaware of, and now thanks? to you they will stay forever with us. Everybody are in love with your pictures. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.
Hello Grześ! Probably you?ve heard it many times before but you?ve provide us a beautiful piece of art! You are an artist and perfectionist, period. Your pictures made huge impression on everyone ? Us and our friends from solicitors office! Thank You so much for rest of photos on DVD, there so many of them that we are certain that we will pick many of them. You?re very professional! Beautiful outcomes! Masterpiece!
I figured out that the best way to describe your work will be ?photography is all what photographer wants it to be: a piece of art or just a merchandise. We felt that you don?t want to make us something that we buy but your purpose was to collect most valuable memories for us . We are very positively surprised by your services. Every time when we see amazement on faces people watching our wedding photos we are more and more sure that it was the best gift that we choose for ourselves :) Grzegorz ? You are the master of capturing moments :)
Grzegorz Pictures ? A PIECE OF ART.
I think that Greg don?t need recommendation. His pictures speaks for themselves. In short words: we were stunned by his professionalism, creativity and style. During the ceremony he was sneaking like a cat, invisible for Us, what allowed him to capture many incredible, natural pictures. Their quality surpassed our every imagine ? they are marvelous, and your traditional, old fashioned albums, covered in skin are really sophisticated way to enhance their character. Everybody loves them ? that?s what we are completely sure. When we receive great news that we?re pregnant I will definitely call you to book a maternity session :)
Wedding session was really exceptional, up to now we are smiling when we recall that day. Despite cold and snow the atmosphere was very worm. Huge amount of laugh and great company was a factors that completely eliminate negative influence of cold on our state of mind. Pictures are ideal, much better then we expected. You can clearly see, that every picture is well-rounded. Final effect surpassed all our expectations. Thank You Grzegorz for amazing keepsake, which We will enjoy to rest of our lives :)
Grzegorz is a really artist in photography, and pictures that he provide stays in memory of people for long time. We constantly return to our wedding albums. They remind Us our emotions from that day in a magical kind of way. Pictures are so true ? full of joy and wedding session was a real adventure
Choosing our wedding photographer was truly a priority. Decision to choose Grzegorz as our wedding photographer was bull?s-eye. He is very kind, intelligent and professional person, and effects of his work are hard to describe in words, incredible ? fairy tale pictures and it?s hard to believe that it?s actually Us on those photos. As time goes by we clearly see that pictures made by Grzegorz are most beautiful keepsake from our wedding day. With clear conscience I can recommend him to any person who values true beauty and professionalism.
I believe that in many years from now pictures of our wedding day ? one of the most important moments in our life will last in our memories.
I?m also sure, that without Grzegorz pictures which really influencing our senses and memories we wouldn?t be so certain of that :) !
Because we live abroad, we?ve seen work of many photographers. Grzegorz pictures are equally good as pictures of worlds best wedding photographers. We have so much luck, that Grzegorz is from Poland. Thank You Grzegorz, that You?ve shared your tremendous talent with us. Work with You was a special experience. You made us feel like a movie stars. Pictures are better then we?ve imagined. All those who watched our pictures are telling us, that those are best they?ve ever seen.
When we were planning our Big Day we?ve put much effort to find best photographer. Grzegorz was best possible choice! His pictures are beautiful, stylish and unique. They really show our personalities and feelings that made us a couple. It?s really nice to see our love through someone else eyes :) Those pictures are full of love. Thank You very much for that!!!
Moment is a word that perfectly describes spirit of Grzegorz pictures. It?s not an art to click the shutter but it is an art to click it in this one very moment and frame all the emotions. When after several years we will look at our wedding pictures, we will be able to literally feel those moments and experience all those moments with our bodies and souls once again. Incredible but true. Our wedding day was more then year ago, but when we looking through pictures in our album we can feel emotions and memories.
Thank You very much for beautiful pictures :) The truth is I still don?t like looking myself on photos, but I have to admit that yours are very, very good. I?m so happy that we choose You as our wedding photographer. After I saw your pictures I knew that you and no one else will be our photographer.From beginning you were ahead of any competition.
Grzegorz is a true artist! Thank You very much for professional pictures from our most important day. Every picture is a part of perfectly selected reportage covering whole wedding day. No setting of pictures, no stressful posing. Photographer was discreet and literally invisible although he was with us from preparations up to the venue and outcome of his work is outstanding. Pictures are beautiful and our anxious before ceremony ? invisible. Short wedding session before ceremony happen to be a wonderful relax, whole anxiety just vanished.. Pictures and slideshow showing exactly what we want to remember from this very special day, and still recalls many emotions. We strongly recommend Grzegorz as a wedding photographer, because work with him is a pure pleasure!
I will describe your pictures shortly: they are true masterpieces! They say that moments are lost forever after it happened, but Grzegorz is a person who can immortalize them for us :)A REAL MAGICIAN.
First of all we want to thank you for all beautiful pictures. I was starting to write this email hundred times but the reason that I didn?t wrote it before was lack of appropriate words to describe your work. Now, when I?ve cooled down a little bit it?s time to finish it. Pictures are really marvelous and are most precious keepsake of our day. When we look at them we are experiencing our day over and over, every time in a different manner but always with emotions and smile. No matter how many years goes by, those pictures will be always live remainder and will keep our memories fresh. We want to Thank You so much for that :)

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