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Wedding Photographer Bible (only Polish version)

Wedding Photographer Bible – book that every wedding photographer should read…

In cooperation with Helion publishing as a first wedding photographer in Poland I have published „Professional Wedding Photography. From Improving Your Skills to a Lucrative Business” guidebook. The book is completely sold out and was published under the patronage of:, and It was targeted not only to photographers who start their journey with the wedding photography but also to experienced photographers seeking new ideas for their development.

„Wedding Photographer Bible” is a very comprehensive publication which was sold in Empik and through the online sale of Helion Publishing. The book does not involve post-processing but is more focusing on daily experiences of a wedding photographer’s work. It also gives answers and show directions of potential development. Any wedding photographer is dealing with real business problems so it is essential to be aware of the wedding market rules in Poland.

I would like to say thank you to all the readers that emailed me or sent a message on Facebook. All these messages only prove that photographers in Poland are committed to develop their skills and my book helped them to achieve their goal.

Book - Professional wedding photography

Newborn Photography from A to Z (English version)

Newborn Phhotography From A do Z – Compendium of Knowledge – book that every newborn photographer should read…2

Newborn Photography From A to Z – Compendium of Knowledge” FOR THE PROFESSIONAL NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER is the first publication in the market with such extensive content. Newborn photography is one of the most beautiful areas of photography, bringing together technology, smiling children and the joy of recording each gesture of our little models. The photographic meetings with the newborn baby are the unique moments when parents’ pride is joined with the passion for recording the first moments of life of the tiny babies.

Come into our magical world, where the key role is played by newborn babies and their parents, where the warm babies’ breaths, soft and warm blankets and charming details await for the skilled and experienced eye of the photographer. Turn your images into small works of art, which shall show the wealth of your inner feelings and the power of digital imaging. You are now holding the first so extensive study of newborn photographers, written by a couple of professional photographers – Alina ( and Greg Moment. This is an exceptional opportunity to profit from the many years of experience of these two professionals, who have strived to include all advice and guidelines in this book. Learn how to skillfully use various light sources and what to pay special attention to during the session, to make your images showcase your skills, experienced hands, appropriate choice of styling and thoughtful posing of the babies.

Use the opportunity – read on how to prepare for a newborn photo session, how to spread your professional wings and charm the baby’s mother with your photographs. Become familiar with the wealth of possible wraps, backdrops, headbands, baskets and pastel tones. Have a good look at the technical issues – learn how to properly choose the equipment, light sources and how to set the best parameters of your camera. Remember – everything is in your hands! Check more at:

Book - Newborn photography from A to Z