Dedolight in Poland

Dedolight, Wacom, Phottix, Eizo and reporterStrap with me!

In 2011 in Munich, I was selected as Dedolight ambassador for Poland. Dedolight is a world leader in advanced lightning equipment. In my daily work, apart from using natural light and flashes, I have opportunity to work with the world leader in lighting equipment – Dedolight. Their equipment is incredibly effective and has unusual characteristics and solutions. During photographing weddings and in my workshops, I use this kind of lighting, which is a great alternative to flashes and video lights. After 2011, I became an Ambassador of Wacom, Eizo, Phottix and reporterStrap as well.

What will I get besides the prestige and perfect lighting and equipment? Surely an ergonomic design, durability and long-awaited control on the light temperature and brightness and shadows. The scope of control and settings provides magical light and colors, which is a dream tool for every wedding photographer.

Examples of pictures where Dedolight, Wacom, Phottix and Eizo were used are present on my blog and in my publications for photographers. Lighting equipment is also available for testing during my individual wedding photography workshops.