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Wedding photography and wedding photographer … or passion and life …

Wedding photography is my favourite way of immortalising moments. As a wedding photographer I have developed my perception of moments and emotions through many years of photographing different couples. I am always trying to think outside the box and the large part of my experience is from the worldwide photo sessions.

I acquired my reportage skills abroad many years ago when I was learning photography from the best wedding photographers in the world therefore I provide the highest standard of service. In the past years I was not only photographing but also teaching other photographers how to develop their skills. I was a lecturer at European Academy of Photography and I currently run workshops for wedding photographers at SzkolaObrazu.pl.

Thanks to my unique style of photography I became „Dedolight Ambassador” in 2011. It was incredible prestige and a way to enhance my photography using the state-of-the-art equipment. Everyone knows that no equipment will create photographs by itself, even the best one, but the best equipment & lighting helps to achieve the best effects, which you can see in my portfolio gallery.

So, if wedding photography is truly important to you, and you wish to receive an unforgettable album with amazing photos, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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