eBooks for photographers – how to develop your skills of a wedding photographer. In the recent years I have published four electronics eBooks for photographers (available on: www.SzkolaObrazu.pl):

Wedding Photographer Bible

Wedding Photographer Bible – This eBook is for those photographers who want to develop their skills in the wedding photography. No matter what your experience is, you will find many valuable tips and advices here.

It is the most comprehensive publication about wedding photography in Poland and a ‘must read’ publication for every wedding photographer.

In "Wedding Photographer Bible” I described not only about a wedding photography contract, packages or customer service issues but I also focused on the marketing, SEO and every other matter that is crucial during any photographer’s work.

Secrets of Photoshop

Secrets of Photoshop – very popular publication about the post-processing of wedding photos in Photoshop. It’s a supplement to „Wedding Photographer Bible”.

Here, I focused more on the most important things regarding post-production and provided many tips for making your photographs visually more interesting. Every reader will find not only many valuable tips but also a step-by-step description of the most important post-processing effects. This book is not only for wedding photographers but also for portrait, fashion and landscape photographers.

Understand the Light

Understand the Light – Unusual compilation of different types of lighting. Reader has the opportunity to compare pictures taken at different times of the day and different position of the light source. When I was working on this eBook I tested various form of lighting – flash, daylight, reflector, umbrella, video light, diffusers, etc.

I was focused on giving as much examples as possible in order to help wedding photographers and other photographers working at different times of a day with different tools.

Photographers’ Kamasutra

Photographers’ Kamasutra – First „Bible…” then „Kamasutra…”?

The ambiguity of the title was aimed to interest those who have a problem with couple’s posing, especially a woman during her portrait sessions. Every little mistake can ruin your perfect frame. Achieving a natural look in pictures is very important. Different positioning of body parts like hands, heads and legs can improve or ruin a picture. Everything counts. „Photographer Kamasutra” is an obligatory eBook for those who seek an inspiration and are working on getting their pictures better and better. The last pages contain set of wedding poses, which can be printed in a form of a mini-book and can be used it during any session. I strongly recommend this one!