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Wedding sessions abroad – something different…

Parallel to wedding sessions in Poland I love to photograph couples abroad. I can travel anywhere and I have shot individual wedding sessions in France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Mexico, Ireland, Latvia, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Egypt, Mauritius, Ukraine and the Maldives.

I encourage couples who dream about wedding session abroad to contact me. You can see examples of my most recent foreign wedding sessions in my blog. Make your dreams come true and go with me on a wedding session abroad. Think… Wedding session in Prague, Venice or London or wherever you want… .

I always smile when I recall my last wedding in Paris or Italy. Sunny wedding session in Prague, romantic session in Venice or unforgettable wedding session in Paris constantly evoke the wonderful memories. Magnificent beaches in Mexico, session in beautiful Barcelona, sunrays on Mauritius – dreams are within your reach and wedding sessions abroad are easier to organise than you think.

Just ask me for more details. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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